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O’Sports   V2C
Otto den Braver Cees Verhoef
Delft Groesbeek
The Netherlands The Netherlands


Why did we develop this app

Both founders have an extensive background in sports, engineering and business. Otto as a professional shorttrack speedskater, engineer and researcher, and Cees as a lifelong hockeyplayer, CEO of sports related business and business developer.

From the sports business and research, it was also known that video feedback is perhaps the most important type of feedback for an athlete, and the sooner you get it after exercise, the better it is. For this purpose, the O’See Video Delay app was developed, see for details.

We also wanted to help musicians, artist, singers etc. by adding sound to the feedback. Again, a very effective feedback tool was created with Delay Cam, which benefits many people wanting feedback about their motions with sound, also actors and public speakers.

An additional benefit from Delay Cam is the incredible ease of collecting unique footage of almost any event that you know is coming, but not when. For example cathing that big fish, or that goal of your favorite sports team your child is playing in.

Also, when you want to be in the video yourself without the presence of a cameraman and hours of editing useless video. For example, my dad used to film Christmas of our family and put the camera running on a tripod. We had hours of video we never got to edit. With Delay Cam you can now leave your camera running in the room, and whenever something great happens you can enjoy the automatic replay and save the moment. You end up with only the best footage!


Ideas on how we can further develop this app are welcome or just give us feedback on how you use the Delay Cam!

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  • automatic replay for special moments
  • instant feedback to improve your performance
  • only save what you really want
  • export to your camera roll
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