Delay Cam | Record the moment after it happened Delay Cam | Record the moment after it happened

DCHome Guitarist Start

Hit record and start playing

Step 1: Setup your iPhone and press the record button. Images will be buffered continuously and displayed with the preset timedelay. You can immediately start playing and focus on your music like you normally do. Make sure the sound button is off until step 3.

DCHome Guitarist Realtime


step 2: Your iPad is now displaying images from the past. Practice your moves in front of the camera. If you are ready to evaluate your performance, go to your iPad.

DCHome3 Guitarist Delay

Watch, Learn & Save

Step 3: Switch the sound button on. WATCH performance on a time delay and directly LEARN from it. Press SAVE after you evaluate your performance. Then practice over and over again, repeating this process. Enjoy, and reach your goals!

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